It takes a long time
to bring excellence to maturity.
  Publilius Syrus

In the 17th Century the Dauphiné, a Huguenot family, emigrated from France. Dauphiné is an area near Lyon, a historic city with a tradition in silk. This may be the origin of this family which produced many artists and artisans. With their particular skills and knowledge, they came to settle in Mainz where Franc Dauphiné rose to become a purveyor to the court, following which he named himself Dofflein.


The trade in fine cloth between Paris and Moscow has for many generations inspired this family, though the stormy history of Europe interrupted the tradition for a time. In the middle of the last century our present company was established, trading initially in silk and English wool and specialising in the former from 1960.


Andreas Dofflein became the managing partner in 1975 and has since then dedicated himself to developing finest textiles in the spirit of his forbearers. Today we pride ourselves that we have brought our family's traditions of highest quality and refined design to an audience far beyond the imagination of our ancestors, whose name we humbly wear.